Gluten Free Cookies

Galletas sin gluten

At Celirious we are huge fans of cookies. But who isn’t? We like all types: chocolate chip cookies, butter cookies, oatmeal cookies, shortbread cookies, gingersnaps, biscotti, wafers… Cookies not only are the ideal accompaniment for an afternoon cup but can be eaten at anytime in the day. 

If you also consider yourself a real cookie monster, take a look at this list of national and international brands that make or distribute gluten-free cookies and biscuits and choose your favorite ones. Or taste them all!

Gluten free cookie brands

Click on each brand to see the different types of gluten-free cookies and biscuits they make.

Brands alphabetically sorted.

María cookies


Chocolate cookies
Genius Gluten Free - Cranberry Breakfast Bakes
Cranberry breakfast bakes
Genius Gluten Free - Chocolate chip Breakfast Bakes
5 Chocolate chip breakfast bakes
Genius Gluten Free - Honey & Raisin Breakfast Bakes
5 Honey and raisin breakfast bakes
Chocolate cookies
Butter cookies
Breakfast cookies
Dark chocolate cookies
Chocolate chip cookies
Cookie cocoa

María cookies

Chocolate Chips

Cocoa cookies



Tuestis Spiderman



Ecologic gluten-free oat cookies.

Oat, quinoa, ginger & cinnamon

Oat, coconut & pineapple

Oat, honey & apple

Oat, cocoa & grenade

Sablés per Beurre

Biscuits abricot

Biscuits aux pépites de chocolat

Cookies fruits rouges + chocolate blanc

Sablés framboise

Sablés coco citron

María cookies

María with chocolate

Cocoa digestive

Orange digestive

Chocolate chips


Cocoa Jungle

Jungle with chocolate

Vanilla wafers

Cocoa wafers

Doughnut-shaped cookies
Sandwich Biscuits Raspberry Vanilla
Custard Creams Vanilla-Flavoured
Sandwich Biscuits Vanilla
Sandwich Biscuits Cocoa
Bourbon Sandwich Biscuits Cocoa

Buy Nül gluten-free cookies


Cookies Cacao

Lemon Ginger Chia

Almond Biscotti

Coconut Cookie

Double Choco Hazelnut

Buy Rhythm 108 gluten-free cookies

Maxi Sorrisi
Chocolate O’s
Digestive Choc
Cereal Bisco
Biscotti Cioccolato
Galletas de avena
Custard Creams
Petit al cioccolato
Petit Beurre classico
Mini Sorrisi
Bisc Or
Fior di Sole
Choco Chip Cookies
Mini Petit Beurre
Milly Friends
Bio Choco Bisco
Bio Apple Bisco

Buy Schär gluten-free cookies

María Cookies

María no added sugar

Chocolate chips cookies

Homemade style cookies

Homemade chocolate

María chocolate

Cookie mix

Corn cookies
Walkers Shortbread Rounds
Walkers Shortbread Chocolate Chips
Walkers Shortbread Ginger & Lemon
Walkers Chocolate & Orange
Walkers Oat & Cranberry
Apple & cinnamon
Chocolate & hazelnut
Sugar free & Eco
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More gluten free products

Are you the kind that enjoy a good bowl of cereals for breakfast? Do you have a gluten intolerance? Then this list is for you. Check all types and varieties of gf cereals here.

Are you aware of all the brands that sell gluten-free pizza? GF frozen pizzas can also make your pizza night right. Crunchy, with thin or thick crust, tasty toppings… Make your choice!

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