Gluten Free Chewing Gum


List of national and international brands that sell gluten-free chewing gum.

Gluten free chewing gum brands 

We include in our gluten-free chewing gum list all those brands that verify and confirm that their products are 100% gluten free. Click on each brand to see the varieties and flavors available.

Brands alphabetically sorted.

Bubbaloo Tutti Frutti Fresa
Bubbaloo Menta
Bubbaloo Blueberry Mora
Bubbaloo Fresa
Bubbaloo Cola

Clix One Strawberry

Clix One Mint

Clix One Tropical

Clix One Eucalyptus

Clix One Blackberry & Raspberry

Clix One Peppermint

Clix One Watermelon

Clix One Mojito

Clix One Daikiri

Clix One Passion

Clix One Chlorophyll

Clix One Blue Mint
Bolas de chicle sin gluten Dubble Bubble
Dubble Bubble Gum Balls
Bolas de chicle sin gluten Dubble Bubble
Dubble Bubble Strawberry

Klét’s Tropical

Klét’s Blackberry-Raspberry

Klét’s Cherry-Lemon

Klét’s Chlorophyll

Klét’s Strawberry

Klét’s Mint
Chicles Mentos Fresh Mint
Mentos Fresh Mint
Chicles Mentos Eucamenthol
Mentos Eucamenthol
Chicles Mentos Spearmint
Mentos Spearmint
Chicles Mentos White Menta
Mentos White Mint
Chicles Mentos Fresa
Mentos Strawberry
Chicles Mentos Tutti Frutti
Mentos Tutti Frutti
Chicles Mentos Lemonade
Mentos Lemonade
Chicles Mentos Frutas Tropicales
Mentos Tropical Fruit
Chicles Mentos Frutas Tropicales
Mentos Wild Fruits









Trident Spearmint

Trident Original Flavor

Trident Tropical Twist

Trident Cinnamon

Trident Watermelon Twist

Trident Strawberry Twist

Trident Lime Passion Fruit Twist

Trident BlackRaspberry Twist

Trident Pineapple Twist

Trident Perfect Peppermint

WUG Energy +

WUG Diet

WUG After Party

WUG Relax

WUG Bronze

WUG Reartrix

WUG Passion

WUG Tindal

WUG Lifting

WUG Lutein

WUG Multivit

WUG Beauty

WUG Climax

WUG After Drink

WUG OrgulloGum

WUG Military

WUG Energy Ultra

WUG Slim Fit

WUG Keep Calm

WUG Solar

WUG Travel

Xylitol Mint

Xylitol Peppermint

Xylitol Fruits

Xylitol Cranberry

Xylitol Cinnamon

Xylitol Green Tea

Xylitol Kids – Apple Flavor

Xylitol Kids – Strawberry  Flavor

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