Gluten Free Bagels

Bagels are originally from Poland. And it is very common to find them in North America, Germany or Denmark.

Bagels are one of the bread products that coeliacs miss most. Although it is rare to easily find gluten free bagels in stores, there are a bunch of brands that make decent gluten free bagels in a great variety of flavours: cinnamon, blueberry, with sesame seeds, with raisins…

Here’s our list of gluten free bagel brands:

Gluten Free Bagel Brands

Canyon Bakehouse

Canyon Bakehouse. Plain bagels gluten free Plain Bagels
Canyon Bakehouse. Deli white bagels gluten free Deli White Bagels
Canyon Bakehouse. Everything bagels gluten free Everything Bagels
Canyon Bakehouse. Blueberry bagels gluten free Blueberry Bagels
Canyon Bakehouse. Cinnamon raisin bagels gluten free Cinnamon Raisin Bagels


Vegan Bagels

Genius Gluten Free

Genius Gluten Free - Plain Bagels Plain Bagels
Genius Gluten Free - Cinnamon and raisin bagels Cinnamon & Raisin Bagels


Glutino original NY style gluten free bagels Original NY style Bagels
Glutino sesame seed style gluten free bagels Sesame seed style Bagels


Kinnikinnick Plain bagels sin gluten Plain Bagel
Kinnikinnick bagels sin gluten con canela y pasas Bagels con canela y pasas
Kinnikinnick bagels sin gluten con arándanosBagels con arándanos


O'Doughs Plain bagels sin gluten Original Bagel
O'Doughs bagels sin gluten con sésamo Bagels con sésamo
O'Doughs bagels sin gluten integralesBagels integrales


Warburtons Bagels de sésamo Bagels de sésamo
Warburtons Bagels de semillas de amapola Bagels de Semillas de Amapola

Trader’s Joe

Trader's Joe Bagels sin gluten Bagels


Udi's Bagels sin gluten Bagels sin gluten
Udi's Bagels sin gluten con canela y pasas Bagels de canela y pasas
Udi's Bagels sin gluten integrales Bagels sin gluten integrales

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